Undz underwear brand by Geoffrey Lillemon


Undz the underwear brand from Canada announced a collaboration with the artist from the Netherland Geoffrey Lillemon. Geoff is knowned for succefful collaborations with Versace, H&M and other international brands. The artist true is prodcution house Oculart, will make a serie of short films for the Undz by Bernhard Willhelm collection. This collection designed by Mr.Willhelm exclusively for Undz will be available this fall. Geoff design with the help of Benrhard a crazy, out of this world alien thay cant control is, you know wath, from peeing all around. The 3D computorized art video are simply beautifull as they are also quite funny. The humor is not for everybody and some could be offended by it. Geoffrey is knowned for offencive and highly artistic work of arts that let no one indifferent. The first video of this serie will be available mid May on Undz VIMEO page and on their website.



Natural Animal Advance Hormone


Natural animal advance hormone (HGH) is animal advance hormone produced by the animal pituitary gland, a gland amid in the arch beneath the brain. The hormone is adapted by added physique processes and is appear throughout life. Through adolescence and into the aboriginal twenties, the hormone is amenable for acclimation growth, and if advance is complete, at about age 21, the pituitary gland automatically begins to abatement the bulk of natural human growth hormone that it releases into the bloodstream. The hormone charcoal important, however, and in accustomed individuals, there is consistently some HGH in the circulating blood, authoritative abundant added metabolic and physique processes.

There appears to be a absolute alternation amid the bead in HGH levels and the access of assertive attenuate concrete changes associated with aging. These cover lower activity levels, added fat storage, decreased beef admeasurement and strength, as able-bodied as a college accident for diseases such as affection disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, top cholesterol levels etc. Following this to a analytic conclusion, there has been acute absorption in contempo years in the role in crumbling of accustomed animal advance hormone and the achievability of abandoning some age-related problems by accretion HGH levels in the blood.